I'm an Android Software Engineer interested in creating interactive
and engaging experiences. Attention to detail and user experience are
my greatest strengths. I'm currently looking for a role to put my strengths
to use and help deliver high-quality Android apps.

Should I

Crowd-sourced photo-sharing and decision-making Android app. Users can take a picture and add a caption, then have friends and others help them make a decision. Published on the Play Store.

Google Play Store


Visual time journaling Android app with custom views and touch detection. Users can log their daily activities using a color-coded Chronodex.



Turn-based iPad game with 4 players fighting each other to take over the entire space on the board.


Multi-User Chat

Client-server console application where users can synchronously chat in multiple chat rooms. Uses multithreading and producer-consumer design pattern.

Computer-Controlled Light Tracker

Motorized light-tracker that autonomously finds and tracks the brightest light source using a solar panel.

Press Release

Technologies & Libraries

Languages: Kotlin; Java; JavaScript; C; C++; Objective-C; SQL; CSS; PHP; PowerShell; HTML; Regex

Frameworks and Libraries: Android Jetpack; Material Design; Retrofit; GCP; Firebase; AWS; jQuery

Tools and Databases: Android Studio; Visual Studio; Microsoft SQL Server; PostgreSQL; MySQL; SQLite